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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Caught my eye

Every Friday I drive to this CSA farm to pick up my box of vegetables.
I thought this road looked cool for some reason.

These buggies were driven by a few of the workers on the farm.


Vicky said...

I can see why the road caught your eye... the way its carved out on both sides, combined with the curve at the end makes for a visually interesting scene. I definitely see Pennsylvania written all over the last two photos!

Elena said...

Oh that road photo really makes me miss riding the motorcycle right about now. I'm looking out the window at ice-encased streets. Bummer. Great photos in these posts!

dcpeg said...

Ah! Amish buggies! Reminds me of days going to market in Lancaster with my grandparents. We took a wicker basket (no bags in those days) and always came home with gorgeous produce and baked goods.

Bull Rhino said...

What a great place to live. So many beautiful places and people. Nice Shots!


beth said...

those wagons are sooooo spiffy ! ! around here we mostly still see the really old I'm going to be on the look out for the ranger rover versions :)