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Friday, July 9, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Support

Above is a supply boat that takes out anything that an oil rig might need to operate.
Below are the portable quarters to temporarily house workers who are involved in the oil spill clean up. The barges are then towed out to the poluted waters of the gulf.

Port Fourchon is at the center of oil rig support and oil spill clean up.


nacherluver said...

Sheesh. There's something very majestic feeling about those boats. Would love to see in person. I have been wanting to see the ocean for a very long time. Someday. Some day.

Thanks for sharing the pictures ;)

Elena said...

So glad you share these pics Mark, they are majestic indeed. And because of your pics I now take a closer look at the barges I used to ignore as I drive past them on the highway.