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Saturday, December 3, 2011

If you want to feel really small
take a walk under The Natural Bridge like we did
while visiting relatives in Lexington VA a couple weeks ago.

From below,
a tunnel made of granite
was formed by the little creek that is running
along side the path.

The picture above has a white square
painted on the wall.
Rumor has it that
the initials GW are carved there.
It seems George Washington liked to climb rocks.
I'm not kidding.

At one time
Thomas Jefferson owned hundreds of acres
in these parts, as well as the land this Natural Bridge sits on.

I believe the purchase price was $23.

I hope he didn't "flip" it too quickly.
I believe it's worth quite a bit more than that now.


Vicky said...

Ha, Jefferson "flipping" his property- love it :) That bridge is pretty spectacular and the fact it was all nature's doing is really pretty awe inspiring! Great photos!

bill lisleman said...

I like your picture. Nature is amazing if you take the time to look at it. I've been to the natural bridge near Lake Powell. I should dig out the pictures - it was before digital.